Drawing from ten years of experience in the field of digital communication and marketing, along with two rewarding years as an independent consultant, I have recently embarked on an exciting transition into the realm of web development.

My professional journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of digital marketing intricacies, navigating through the challenges and opportunities presented by this ever-evolving sector. These years of experience have instilled in me a methodological rigor, a constant adaptability, and an ability to craft innovative strategies tailored to the specific needs of each project.

However, my true passion lies in crafting technological solutions that transcend mere commercial objectives and address the societal challenges of our time. Firmly believing that technology can drive progress, I am committed to leveraging my skills towards the design and development of innovative web solutions. My ambition is to contribute to shaping a better world by participating in the creation of platforms and applications that address current issues of sustainability and accessibility.

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Application consultant
2022 2023


Fulklstack Developer
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Frontend Developer

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MSN: Digital school textbooks

Digital school textbooks are collaborative online tools designed for teachers. They enable the creation, duplication, sharing, and editing of interactive school textbooks to enhance classroom activities. More than just traditional textbooks, they also offer knowledge tests, games, and other interactive exercises to make lessons and learning more engaging.

Thomas Biarneix's Portfolio

This portfolio is an opportunity to introduce you to my journey and also to put into practice what I am most passionate about: creating simple, intuitive, and accessible interfaces. Here, I've used technologies that I particularly enjoy, and I've taken the opportunity to add some additional features such as internationalization management, an accessibility module, and the management of dark and light themes.
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Discover my passion (and old profession) for photography.

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I launched Photosensible podcast to give photographers a voice.

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